Nikirana Hicks

Niki Hicks, Marketing Intern
Marketing Coordinator
877.464.8398 x719
Best ways to break the ice: Do you love your dog? I probably will, too. Own a DSLR? Show me your pictures! Also, let's talk about our favorite documentaries narrated by David Attenborough. Excuse me, I just saw a dog and need to go pet it.

Niki is remotely finishing her degree in Technical & Professional Writing: Science Communication from San Francisco State University (Go Gators!). She is too shy to stand up in a classroom but loves translating jargon so she decided to tackle education through another approach with one the most powerful tools on the web-- social media. Niki began creating online content at a startup called Birdnest, where she wrote and created material for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts. Her goal in Simplifya, with the help of her amazing co-workers, is to promote an understanding of cannabis regulations. We want you to succeed! On her spare time, Niki enjoys illustrating, eating chocolate, and going on backpacking trips with friends. Ideally all three at the same time.