Watson Mulkey

Product Manager
877.464.8398 x724
Best ways to break the ice: Video Games, Music, Oxford Commas, something you're passionate about, or nearly anything other than small talk : )

Watson’s path to Colorado and Product Management has been equal parts honest and unconventional. An English major from the southeast, his journey took him from working at a summer camp in North Carolina to building a hospital in Honduras to working at a Thai restaurant in Australia. He eventually found his calling in the software industry, which eventually led him to Denver. Working in a number of customer and client facing roles, he found a knack at solving user problems. Customer service, Watson believes, is giving people a bandaid when they stub their toe on a nail. Product Management is taking a hammer to the nail that people are stubbing their toes on. "Ultimately," Watson says, "it’s a more satisfying version of helping people." After years of managing products in the education space, Watson is excited about all the new challenges presented by the cannabis industry. When he’s not talking about Product you can find him talking about and or listening to music, asking people about their “Jeopardy story,” and losing at video games.