The industry’s largest regulatory database

With a dashboard that sends you notifications as regulations change, you’ll never have to worry about missing an update. Our content changes with existing regulations or as new ones become effective, all powered by Simplifya’s in-house legal team.

Unlimited users, ultimate accountability

Set up your business’s user hierarchy with unlimited manager and employee users. We do not charge for individual user seats, so you can reinforce accountability regardless of location.
Explore Simplifya's User Permissions

  • Initiate new audit appointments and assign to employees

  • Add staff as employee users to locations they manage

  • Finalize audits and delegate action items for completion
  • Conduct audits for locations they work at

  • Resolve or re-open action items assigned by managers

Simulated government audits

Request an audit from one of our approved third-party auditors. Increase your confidence in your business’s compliance activity and receive a discounted rate while you’re at it.
Download unlimited audits for any license type. With our per-location subscription plans, you aren't charged for individual audits.
Pay per license pricing

Fix non-compliance faster

Resolve non-compliance with Action Items–issues managers can assign to employees and track to completion. Clearly defined steps allow for quick resolution and prevent your business from receiving unnecessary fines. How it works >

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