February 2023 Software Release Notes

Here’s a rundown of the updates/changes we’ve made to the software in February 2023:

  1. License Tracker: We’ve added User Permissions to License Tracker
    For a while now, we’ve heard from users who wanted more control/flexibility over what their users can do in License Tracker. Because of this feedback, we’ve added a “License Tracker Permissions” feature to your License Tracker. Administrators on the account have access to this and can adjust the permissions in License Tracker based on role (Administrator, Manager, Or Employee), or on an individual user basis. This is similar to the Permissions features that are already in Smart Cabinet and the SOPs module.
    To access the Permissions in License Tracker, simply go to the “License Tracker Permissions” option in the ellipses menu in the top right of your License Tracker.
  2. Users module: We’ve also added User Permissions to the Users module
    We’ve also added a Permissions feature in the Users module. Again, Administrators have access, and this feature allows them to manage who can add/edit/delete users from your company’s account. You can also manage which users are able to edit their email address and profile pictures.
  3. Audits: New Optional Configurations
    We’ve added a few new optional configurations when creating an audit:

    1. Require Action Items to be generated – This setting is disabled by default. When enabled, auditors will not have the ability to not generate action items when they are finalizing an audit.
    2. Lock” audit after Due Date has passed – This setting is disabled by default. When enabled, the audit will be locked once the due date passes and it has not been finalized yet. An Administrator on the account will be able to extend the due date to unlock the audit.
    3. Notify me if the audit has not been finalized by the due date – This setting is enabled by default, but it can be turned off. When enabled, an email notification will fire to the audit creator when the due date has passed and the audit has not been finalized.

Check back here as we update this page with more releases!

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