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Simplifya added several companies to the Risk Mitigation Alliance – a conglomerate of the risk mitigation companies in the cannabis industry with a common purpose to help cannabis operators and cannabis-related businesses (“CRBs”).

Washington State's Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) on Friday released new regulations that force businesses to stop selling THC products if they don't hold a valid cannabis license. 

The rule changes include the sale of any products with a detectable amount of THC, with violators subject to criminal sanctions. 

According to Justin Bedford, one of our regulatory analysts, the impact on cannabis industry stakeholders should not be understated. 

Keeping a business compliant is a large undertaking and can even be expensive. MJ Freeway came up with 5 ways for cannabis operators to stay compliant.

Cannabis industry executives and other stakeholders have high expectations regarding Maryland’s launch of adult-use marijuana sales. Justin Bedford, our regulatory analyst, commented.

For Hispanic entrepreneurs venturing into the cannabis industry, understanding and navigating the intricate landscape of regulations can spell the difference between growth and stunted business prospects. This is why the National Hispanic Cannabis Council (NHCC), in its dedicated pursuit of empowering Hispanic businesspeople, is hosting a live online session on Thursday, June 15 in partnership with Simplifya, focusing on the essential role of compliance in the cannabis industry. The webinar will feature Ileana Jiménez, our regulatory analyst.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signed a bill last week legalizing recreational cannabis. The legislation proposes that retail sales for adult-use cannabis in Minnesota begin in the first quarter of 2025, and it presents some new opportunities to cannabis operators. For the first time in the United States, THC products can be sold outside licensed cannabis dispensaries, like liquor and convenience stores. Snowden Stieber, one of our regulatory analysts, commented.

As more U.S. markets come online, keeping track of cannabis compliance requirements will only become more complex. Marion Mariathasan came up with a list of the top five cannabis compliance mistakes to avoid them.

State regulators and government officials nationwide are taking steps to ramp up enforcement against cannabis companies that fail to pay vendors, taxes or business fees. Brooke Butler, our vice president of partnerships, commented on the matter.

What can businesses do to comply with a myriad of state regulations and pass an audit with confidence? Marion Mariathasan shared his journey from raising capital and launching Simplifya in a competitive market.