Introducing the Old and Negative Package Reports

Not long after joining the ranks of Metrc validated integrators earlier this year, we began ideating ways we could make our clients smarter (and more compliant) with their seed-to-sale data. After a couple months of planning, building, and revising, we’re ecstatic to unleash the first two reports in a new module we call “Analytics”.

Old Package Reports and Negative Package Reports keep you on top of your inventory by putting a magnifying glass to two common issues that happen as locations shuffle through tens, hundreds, and thousands of packages. With inventory management being such a big part of compliance, we’ve found the perfect way to help you get to “reconciled” faster.

Package Reports let you:

  • See packages whose amounts have gone negative in the last 24 hours
  • Track packages still labeled as “active” which haven’t been modified in more than 30 days
  • Export CSVs of all inventory at your location that’s gone negative or been untouched for too long
  • Visualize a year’s worth of seed-to-sale data to help you benchmark progress and re-envision your SOPs
  • Tackle inventory reconciliation as a team!

We point out items that need reconciliation faster and easier than you’ve ever been able to before, and with dashboard and email notifications, information is just one click away.

Remember—the more proactive you are, the easier compliance becomes. Give your team the information they need to keep your business covered.

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