January 2021

Release 1.62.0

November 26, 2019

Lots of work on an upcoming feature, and a new feature that lets users who have SOP’s created from a template know when there’s a new version of that SOP available.

The design of the “Create Audit” form has been updated

The second part of the update to the “Create Audit” form is now live (the first part was splitting the optional configurations to a second screen, see email with the subject: “Dev release: 12/15/2020”).The motivation for updating this form was to make it as clear and easy as possible to create an audit, particularly for new users. We received some user feedback that made us realize we had taken it for granted that users would know what some of the phrasing on the create audit form meant, and this feedback came from experienced users. If we had experienced users that were confused on some of these things, then surely new users were confused as well.

We were initially going to convert this to a “wizard” (basically a modal that asked one question at a time), but realized that for our power users, this may actually be more cumbersome than helpful. Instead, we’ve rearranged some things on the form, and changed the form verbiage to actual questions to make it as easy as possible for new users to understand what’s going on, at no “time” cost to our experienced users.


“View” icon has been removed for videos uploaded to SOPs

Since we don’t actually have a video player in the app, when a user wants to view a video that has been added to an SOP, they have to download the video to their device. We initially had a “view” button that misled users into thinking they could actually just click a button and watch the video. When clicked, nothing happened, thereby confusing the user. We have removed this button to prevent that confusion.

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