Software Engineer

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Denver

As our second stateside Software Engineer, you’ll be part floating specialist and part bug squasher. Working within our invigorating start-up culture, you’ll be a hands-on contributor across all aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle.

Not only will you get to work closely with our passionate product and technology team, but you’ll gain exposure to DevOps (AWS/DataDog) and architecture principles (microservices). Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to gain insight into the exciting and fast-paced cannabis industry.

  • Languages/Tools. PHP, Javascript (jQuery, Angular, React), MySQL, Git, and experience with RESTful APIs.
  • OOP/ORM. In particular, experience with the Laravel framework and the eloquent ORM.
  • Test-Driven Development. Experience in writing unit tests, including making assertions and writing for edge cases.
  • Advanced SQL. The ability to write complex queries that answer business questions, outputting data sets consumable by non-technical users.
  • Must be Denver-based. Remote candidates will not be considered.
  • 1+ years of full-stack experience as part of an Agile team – Scrum or Kanban.
  • Experience working with RESTful APIs – bonus points for having designed them.
  • Experience in any facet of the cannabis industry would be valuable, but not required.
  • Special Projects. One day it might be adding advanced sorting methods to our monolith. The next could be new functionality for an internal tool. Either way, you’ll get to dive in, flex those full-stack muscles and produce high-quality, tested and maintainable software.
  • Bug squashing. You’ll be the one looking for root cause and fixing the bugs that can’t wait until our offshore team starts their day.
  • API integration work. We work with a number of tools that offer external APIs. You’ll be doing some open-ended testing to help us make the most of different silos of data.
  • Documentation. You’ll be counted on to proactively add documentation to help others, both stateside and offshore.

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