Licensing in Massachusetts is quickly approaching

Licensing in Massachusetts? You must pass inspection first!

Licensing in Massachusetts

Licensing in Massachusetts is heating up, as the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) has granted final licenses. Dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, and testing labs have received licenses in the past month. A common requirement in the US is that cannabis must be tested before stocking it on shelves. Retailers in Massachusetts were waiting on testing labs just last week to get final licenses. A final license represents your “golden ticket” to start operating your business and making sales. If your MJB has yet to obtain a final license, there is still a hurdle for you to overcome.

Unlike California with its abundance of regulators, in Massachusetts, the CCC is the sole entity in charge of all licensing and regulations for retail cannabis businesses. Before a business can begin operations, it must seek a final license from the CCC. The CCC also requires that applicants must undergo a full inspection of the business to verify compliance. 

A final licensing inspection can be a stressful time for any business. This is especially true for cannabis businesses with the complex web of regulations they must follow. If a business does not pass its final licensing inspection, the CCC will not issue a final license. The pressures of a final licensing inspection can weigh heavily on a business, as they must check every inch of their facility to prepare for the inspection. However, with Simplifya, you can rest a little easier knowing our regulatory analysts have prepared an audit to ensure compliance.

Are you a cannabis business in Massachusetts preparing for your final license? Consider trying a Simplifya demo before your final license inspection by the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC). Simplifya can help you make sure that you are ready for your inspection. With Simplifya, you can audit your facility for compliance before the CCC arrives.

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