May 2023 Software Release Notes

Here’s a rundown of the updates/changes we’ve made to the software in May 2023:

  1. Settings: We’ve added filters to the Locations tab
    For our MSO clients who have a lot of locations on their Simplifya accounts, we’ve added some filters to the Locations tab of your Settings module so you can filter your locations down by state, city, and license type. 
  2. License Tracker: Update the Reminder Settings for multiple licenses at once
    We’ve added an “Update Reminder Settings” button to License Tracker so you no longer have to edit each individual license to update the Reminder Settings. We know high turnover is a thing in this industry, and the person(s) who receive these reminder emails can change frequently. Now you can check multiple licenses (within a category), and update the Reminder Settings for them all in one fell swoop!

Check back here as we update this page with more releases!

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