October 2020 Software Release Notes

Here’s a rundown of all the changes and additions we made to Simplifya in October 2020:

  1. We removed the “Request a 3rd Party Audit” feature for Licensed Operators
    Due to low usage, we decided to sunset this feature.
  2. You can now hide muted questions while conducting an audit
    When conducting an audit, you now have the ability to hide the questions that you’ve muted from the question tree on the left. Previously, the audit still showed all muted questions, and we found some users didn’t like that they still had to see the muted questions, so we added a toggle to the conduct audit screen that allows you to hide/show muted questions. It makes the auditing experience much cleaner, particularly when you’re using a template.
  3. New audit questions now have a “NEW” badge
    We received feedback from a lot of you about wanting to be able to see which audit questions were new when you’re conducting an audit, so we added a feature for this! New questions will now have a green “NEW” badge on it every time it appears in an audit for 30 days. After the question has been out in the wild for 30 days, the “NEW” badge is automatically removed.
  4. “Import Licenses” feature added to License Tracker
    We made the process of adding your licenses to Simplifya as easy as possible. You can now download an excel file that you can use as a template, fill it out with your license info, and then upload that file with all your license info into Simplifya. This will be a huge timesaver for our MSO users who have a lot of licenses to track, or even just a 1-location client that wants to add employee badges and other docs they want to track.
  5. You can now save new versions of SOP templates as a new version of a previously saved template
    Previously, if you saved an SOP template to your SOPs, and then Simplifya released a new version of the template, and then you went back to the SOP Templates module to save the new version, the system would save it as a brand new SOP (as opposed to as a new version of the SOP you already had saved). This made it not so easy to manage your SOP versioning. We want you to have all of your saved templates nicely organized into versions for easier tracking, which now you can do!I think this may be better explained in an example:
    You saved the SOP template “Breakroom Cleaning” (Version 1) to your SOPs. Six months later, new regs pass and Simplifya creates a new version of the template: “Breakroom Cleaning” (Version 2). You go to the SOP Templates module to save the new version of the “Breakroom Cleaning” SOP template. Previously, it would only save as a brand new template, which meant you would have two “Breakroom Cleaning” SOPs, both of them saved as version 1. Now, the system will give you the option of saving it as a brand new SOP (version 1) or saving it as a new version of the SOP template you previously saved (version 2).
  6. You can now easily set up recurring audits
    Now, when creating an audit, you have the ability to easily create recurring versions of the audit. There is a “Want to schedule this audit out?” section at the bottom of the Create Audit form. Just click the “Schedule” button to set up recurring audits.
  7. You can now easily notify team members when audits are created, completed, and finalized
    On the Create Audit form, you now have the option of sending notification emails to other users on your account (and even non-users) when the audit has been assigned, completed, and/or finalized. We received feedback that folks wanted to be able to keep others in the loop when an audit is being conducted.
    At the bottom of the Create Audits form, there is an optional section where you can select the notification event and then select the users on your account that you want to send the notifications to. You can also enter email addresses for people that are not on your Simplifya account.
  8. You can now change the company name on each of your SOPs (and SOP PDFs)
    Previously, when a company saved their SOP as a PDF (either to store on their computer or to print off), the company name on the account was the company name that populated on the cover page of the PDF. We heard from a lot of folks that wanted to be able to have a different company name on the PDF/printed versions of their SOPs than the company name that’s on their account. This was an issue for companies with multiple locations. The company name on the account may be the legal name, but the SOPs were being created for the individual locations, and each location operates under a different name.
    SOPs now have an editable “Company Name” field on SOPs. It will default to the company name on the account, but the field can be edited.
  9. You can now easily download all of your SOPs from Simplifya at once
    Previously, when a company wanted to download their SOPs, they had to open each SOP and click the “Download PDF” button. This was time-consuming and required the user to have 1 PDF for each SOP they saved. We heard from a lot of folks that wanted to be able to save multiple SOPs in a single PDF file. We kept hearing of two use cases for this:
    (1) Some licensed operators just wanted to have all of their SOPs saved to a computer and didn’t want to go through the hassle of downloading a file for each SOP.
    (2) In some jurisdictions, operators are required to submit a copy of their SOPs when applying/renewing a license, and are only able to upload a single file to their application (or just want to upload a single file for the sake of simplicity).We also heard from a lot of you that just wanted to be able to download all of your SOPs into individual files, but wanted to be able to do it all at once instead of opening each SOP and saving each PDF. If you’re saving copies of your SOPs, and you have 40 SOPs on file, not to mention past and/or upcoming versions, that can be pretty time-consuming to open each SOP and save each PDF.Now you can download all (or some!) of your SOPs into a single PDF file, and download all (or some!) of your SOPs into individual files at once. You can find this feature in the ellipses menu on your SOPs table:

Updates made to Ancillary Company accounts (third-party auditors)

  1. Third-Party Auditors can now edit the business information of previously audited businesses
    Previously, when conducting a third-party audit, you have to enter the details of the business you’re auditing (name, address, license types held, license numbers, contact info, etc). Once entered, the business appears in the “Business Name” dropdown on the Create Audit form and can be selected to be audited, but if the business’s info ever changed (e.g. new licenses to audit, address changed, contact info changed, etc.), there was no way to update the info.
    We’ve now made it so there’s a “Click here to add / edit businesses” link on the “Create Audit” form for third-party auditors. When clicked, you’re taken to a table that displays all of the businesses you’ve audited. This is where you can edit the details of any of the businesses you’ve previously audited. You can also delete and add new businesses on this screen.
  2. “License Tracker” feature added to Ancillary Company accounts
    As of today, License Tracker is now a feature that Ancillary Company accounts can use, too.

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