Progress amidst uncertainty

In the cannabis world, a constant theme is uncertainty. I suppose the theme persists in any relatively new industry, but the uncertainty becomes a little bit more palpable each day that passes without any sort of clear stance on legalization from the Trump administration. Below are three tidbits of information that assuage the discomfort of uncertainty with help from regulators as well as progress both here in the United States and abroad.

  • Alicia Wallace at The Cannabist provides an excellent look into what some members of Congress are doing to press on toward legalization, despite continued uncertainty about the Trump administration’s policy. It sounds like the bipartisan “Cannabis Caucus” hopes to advance common sense measures, which is a refreshing distraction from some of the partisan antics unrelated to cannabis we’ve seen lately.
  • Speaking of partisan antics, or rather, lack thereof, the German parliament unanimously passed a bill legalizing marijuana for medical use recently, which was apparently “welcomed by parties both on the left and the right.” It is refreshing to see lawmakers working together.
  • In Colorado, regulators seem to be trying to help cannabis businesses in newly issued worker safety guidance, which provides an overview of some of the state and federal regulations that are potentially applicable to cannabis businesses in Colorado. The regulatory landscape in the United States is tough for any business, let alone an emerging and technically illegal industry, with state, local, and federal regulations to worry about, so this kind of help with compliance from regulators and industry experts is always welcome. The authors of the guide note that “the complicated nature of the hazards present in the marijuana industry highlights the need for careful attention to safety and health…”  When the regulators themselves are saying so outright, you know that the relationship of the cannabis industry to the regulatory universe remains complicated indeed.

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