Regulators are cracking down, are you ready for your inspection?

Regulators keep on regulating

The BCC crackdown

Listen, I get it. Telling someone you work with regulatory compliance isn’t going to make you the life of the party. But I promise you compliance can be exciting, especially when the regulators surprise you.


Take this example: Last week, California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) swooped in and seized over $2,000,000 of cannabis and cannabis products from an unlicensed retailer in Los Angeles. The BCC’s enforcement action serves as a warning to other operators in the cannabis industry. That warning is clear: they need to get licensed and follow all appropriate state and local rules.

Moreover, the action is a reminder that any licensed business selling cannabis to an underground retailer could find themselves on the receiving end of a BCC or law enforcement investigation. The investigation can prompt enforcement actions, including the seizure of products or suspension of your license. You stand to lose a significant amount of income. Protect yourself by signing up for a demo of Simplifya. Our goal is to make it easy for cannabis businesses to follow applicable state and local regulations without spending gobs of money on compliance experts.

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