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Regulators reveal most common compliance issues, part 2

If you’re keeping up with our blog, then you already read Regulators reveal most common compliance issues, part 1. Here’s part 2!

Coincidentally, here’s another article about how the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) is ramping up enforcement efforts to squash unlicensed cannabis businesses.

But the Department isn’t only looking for unlicensed businesses. They are dropping in on those who have already received state licenses to make sure they are complying with the new regulations. Unfortunately, many of these compliance checks haven’t turned out well. The DCC shared the five most common compliance issues.

1. Not identifying camera locations on the premises diagram

Many cannabis businesses are submitting incomplete premises diagrams with their licensing applications. Some are failing to identify the correct location of each camera at their facility on the premises diagram they submit with their license application, if at all. Furthermore, the DCC is cautioning businesses not to forget to assign a number to each camera for identification purposes.

2. Not identifying limited-access areas on the premises diagram

Businesses are failing to identify their limited-access areas on the premises diagram they submit with their license application. Don’t make this simple mistake! Clearly label the limited-access areas of your facility on the premises diagram.

3. Not showing continuous or direct access to the premises on the premises diagram

By now, you are probably noticing a pattern. Many licensees are missing a simple aspect of their premises diagram: showing continuous or direct access to the premises. Premises diagrams need to show all boundaries, dimensions, entrances and exits, walls, rooms, windows, etc. Make sure you submit a detailed premises diagram with your state license application, and make sure it includes all of the doors and entrances at your facility.

4. Packaging and labeling issues

The DCC regulates retailers and distributors, the licensees most responsible for ensuring the products in their care meet the state’s stringent packaging and labeling requirements before being sold to customers. It’s no wonder it is running into packaging and labeling problems more frequently than the other agencies. Nothing to fear — with Simplifya’s packaging and labeling audits, you can be sure your products are up to snuff before passing them on to customers.

5. Not enough cameras or incorrect camera placement

Businesses are failing to provide enough cameras at their facility, or they are placing them incorrectly. Cameras must cover the entire facility including a 20-foot radius around all entrances and exits. Cameras also need to clearly identify every person and activity in the facility. Simplifya’s category audits can help you make sure your surveillance system is up to code.

Let us help you navigate the complexities of California’s new regulations and show you how easy it can be to identify and resolve compliance issues. Schedule a demo today!

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