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Five things regulatory geeks should be thankful for this year

It’s been another wild year in the cannabis industry for regulatory geeks. More states decided to create legal marijuana markets for their residents and there’s a growing appetite for the Federal government to change its views on cannabis. Federal clarification would be a welcome development, given the Justice Department’s about-face on the Cole Memo and the Trump Administration’s mixed signals on the legal marijuana industry.

But, it’s Thanksgiving week, so I thought it’d be the perfect time for a lighthearted post about the little things regulatory geeks like me are grateful for. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are five things that bring my colleagues and me solace as we do our work:


REDLINES Seriously, redlined documents from regulators are a godsend. We’re constantly trying to stay up-to-date on the latest regulations. Redlined versions of modified documents ALWAYS make it easier to do our work. Sadly many government bodies don’t issue redlined versions of their modified regulations or ordinances. This means we have to dig around heaps of documents to figure out what changed.


Reviewing regulations can be a little tedious at times, even for compliance-minded folks like ourselves. Thankfully, our benevolent bosses make free coffee available to perk us up when we’ve read one too many signage font size requirements, which, believe it or not, are real standards in many jurisdictions. When a government agency doesn’t issue a redlined version of their modified regulations, coffee is extra appreciated. But I digress.

Lead time

Regulatory geeks don’t like being caught off guard. So kudos to Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division for publishing their 2019 regulatory update more than 45 days before they go into effect. This lead time allows us to better manage our workload and get ahead of the curve.

Helpful agencies

Does this need much of an explanation? Sometimes we have questions and need clarification from the regulators. Many jurisdictions purposely bury their contact information on their websites. Every now and then, you’ll find an agency that clearly puts their phone number and email address right on their website. Having that info easily available is no guarantee you’ll get an answer. However, when you quickly get needed clarification on a confusing rule, your day is instantly better.

Curious clients

Believe it or not, we like when our clients push back on something they see that may be wrong in our system. Even if they think of new features or improvements we can make to the Simplifya platform. We take client feedback seriously and work to quickly implement changes when appropriate. Just like Joe Cocker, we wouldn’t be here without a little help from our friends. So thank you for all the time you take to keep us accountable and for sharing your ideas about what you’d like to see in our platform! Don’t be afraid to share your feedback with us at

We’re thankful for so much this year. Stay safe to any of those traveling this week and enjoy the holiday!

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