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October 3, 2018

Where have our new features been? We’ve all been working on a large internal change to our web application that required a lot of time. However, here we are with brand-spanking new features. In-app notifications, SOP Packages for Ancillary Companies, and much more!

  • One “feature” of this new release is that we have upgraded our tech stack. Upgrading our versioning is not a simple task that took over a month to accomplish. However, this upgrade will lead to better performance and elevated security while simultaneously allowing us to build off an improved foundation so we can deliver the best to you at even greater speeds.
  • We want you to use Simplifya as your number one compliance tool. And that means we needed to look inwards to see what we can do to elevate your experience. One thing that we gravitated towards is In-App Notifications. As a MJB employee, it can be monotonous to spend your free time checking your email to see if any compliance issues have been assigned to you, while you also try to work your job. Now, we are introducing In-App Notifications as a way for you to access your compliance information stream without ever having to leave the app!
  • A new feature we are excited about both for clients as well as ourselves is the ability to designate SOP tasks as “Best Practice.” This will allow much more flexibility for our SOP Templates as well as your own SOPs by being able to distinguish important, non-cited tasks.
  • Does your company have a grow in California and a dispensary in Colorado? In light of the fact METRC is expanding to multiple states, we are allowing you to add multiple METRC API Keys to your account.
  • There was an issue that caused your Upload by License Binders in Smart Cabinet to not display your company’s licenses (i.e. you couldn’t pick a license to upload documents to). We have swatted and fixed this bug, so upload those documents!
  • We wanted your use of Smart Cabinet to not be locked to Administrators only. So, we have now made Managers able to access every aspect of Smart Cabinet.
  • We updated our submodule SOP Templates’ formatting
  • A small oversight on our part, but users were not allowed to upload the same document to different document types within the same Oversight Portal or to other Oversight Portals. We have made it so you should be able to upload the relevant document wherever you need to.
  • Instead of just showing the most recent past due documents, we now are giving you the ability to view the upload history for a document, so you can view when documents have or have not been successfully uploaded.
  • Overseers now set the Start Date field for Document Types.
  • Have an old audit you canceled and are tired of seeing? Delete it! Users now have the ability to any audit from their compliance history. (Perfect for those audits used to train new employees!)