Release 1.33.0

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October 10, 2018

This release features a massive shift in how we want you to be able to control your Simplifya modules as much as you can, starting with SOPs. Now, we are introducing the ability to manage user and role permissions as well as the ability to allow (and disallow) visibility of particular SOPs to both users and roles as well. We are also pushing some smaller, much needed updates as well as paving the way for a very exciting new feature. Stay tuned!

  • As we overhaul our SOP settings, we wanted to be as granular as possible in choosing permissions for you to select for your users. Whether that is by their role or by selecting permissions for individual users, you are now able to control all aspects of the SOPs module and how your users can interact with it.
  • Do you have SOPs that are specifically for your manufacturers, but you don’t want your budtenders to see them? Well, now you can control who can see each and every SOP. So whether that is restricting access or allowing mass access, you can now choose to do this on a per-user basis as well as on a per-role basis.
  • We finally marked this checkbox off our list. You can now download your Audit Reports and Remediation Reports without being required to enter a password (even though we still think you should… Safety first!).
  • When picking a license for a binder in Smart Cabinet, the name of the location the license is tied to is now in the dropdown menu.