Release 1.34.1

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October 18, 2018

This release contains several quality of life improvements, a few updates to features, a large amount of internal administrative updates, and last but not least, we have introduced the ability for Ancillary Companies to begin creating Custom SOP Packages with their own templates!

  • Custom SOPs! You asked, and we listened. We have now created a way for Ancillary Companies to create their own Custom SOPs and SOP Packages. We wanted to release this feature now so Ancillary Companies can start creating these SOPs; however, we are still working on the ability for MJBs to have access to this content. So, Ancillary Companies, get to it! And MJBs? Keep an eye out!
  • We placed the description of the Document Type you are viewing in Smart Cabinet so there can be slightly more clarity in what each Document Type is and what it requires.
  • We added a link to view Oversight Portals in Smart Cabinet so you don’t have to navigate through both modules more than you have to.
  • We added the field of “Law Type Audited” to our Audit Reports so you can see what Law Type your Audit had.
  • We removed Rich Text Formatting from the SOP Name field as we didn’t believe it necessary to have this field be formatted.
  • When Ancillary Companies conduct an Audit and print the Audit Report, we wanted to redesign the cover page to give more attention to our Third Party Auditors. Where there was once a large Simplifya logo, there is now the logo of the auditing company as well as more information on the cover page regarding the Audit.