Release 1.54.0

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Release 1.54.0

August 6, 2019

Another release full of changes for an upcoming feature, but that also contains two long long requested user-facing changes.

  • SOP’s can now be written in a narrative format. In addition to our checklist based SOPs, you can now write or import SOPs as an uninterrupted blocks of text.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the loading splash screen to flicker while generating an audit.
  • Users now have the ability to assign or un-assign multiple users from Action Items. Now after selecting an Action Item, when clicking the icon to assign or un-assign users, you’ll be able to select from a list of users assigned to the same location as the SOP.
  • You can now quickly switch between an Audit Report and the Remediation Report. Simply click the new “View Remediation Report” button on the audit, and the “View Audit Report” button on the remediation report to quickly switch back and forth. No more going back to the Audits list!