Choose a date and time, assign a Manager or Employee, and then select the licenses for your audit to cover.
The assignee receives a notification of their new audit appointment.


Download the checklist to a mobile device and seamlessly navigate across all categories of compliance. All audits are formatted into yes or no questions for simplified yet thorough coverage of regulations, regardless of license type.


Quickly see the picture of your overall compliance as you scroll through the complete list of questions.
Filter by category to hone in on areas where compliance is weakest.


Delegate questions answered as non-compliant inside the report's ‘Action Items’ view. Employees receive dashboard notifications the next time they log in and can mark the action item as closed once they've assured compliance.
Rinse and repeat until your location is back to full compliance.


All of your past and pending audits stay in one central location, so you’ll never lose track of upcoming appointments or past reports.
Even better, all action items, comments, and employee assignments stay with them–your history of compliance.

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