Simplifya: What we built in 2017 (and what’s in store for 2018)

With 2017 in the books, we’re taking a look at the growth of Simplifya over the past year. We made some huge leaps in how we helped businesses stay on the right side of the law, and learned even more about how we’re going to approach this exhilarating and ever-growing market. California and beyond.

More than just auditing

When we launched in late 2016, the initial vision was a software that “simplified” state and local regulations, and, in doing so, made it easier for businesses to audit their operations. And while knowing where a business is and isn’t up to code means a lot, it isn’t everything. That’s why our vision didn’t stop there, and why throughout the past twelve months, we’ve tried to take Simplifya from a tool that helps you be proactive to a platform that’s proactive for you.

Some of the feathers in our cap from 2017…

The Simplifya dashboard

Part control center and part newsfeed, we re-invented the home module into a dashboard which keeps tabs on the state of your compliance efforts.

A license expiration module counts down the days until your business licenses need renewing. A compliance activity box offers a snapshot of how often (and how thorough) your auditing efforts are. An ever-updating newsfeed not only gives your entire organization visibility of task completion in real-time, but offers a way for Simplifya’s content team to give you updates on important changes.

The simplifya dashboard

A redesigned experience

From colors to navigation, we gave the Simplifya interface an overhaul in 2017. In the process, we’ve given you an easier way to navigate Simplifya, with all the cues you need to get from one step to the next faster.

METRC integration and reporting

We started by becoming a validated integrator in Colorado earlier this year. That opened the door for our new package reporting feature, followed by a METRC Badge claiming feature that tracks employee METRC badges in Simplifya. But this is just the start of how we’ll be integrating with METRC to give you better oversight of your organization.

To date, Simplifya is a validated integrator in Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, and Alaska, and we’re excited to be going through the process in California.

The all-powerful web app

In the early days of Simplifya, going through an audit was a task relegated to an iPad (and later Android-enabled devices). That all changed when we introduced auditing via the web app.

Auditing via the Simplifya web app made conducting an audit possible for those without access to a tablet.

Our newsletter

We’re more than six months in on our monthly newsletter, and so far the reviews have been rave. It’s one of our favorite ways to share, and add commentary on, the pressing news facing Marijuana businesses. Sign up for the Simplifya newsletter here.

California love

In anticipation of what’s coming in The Golden State (among others), we unleashed a new pricing model based on the amount of locations a business has (instead of the amount of licenses). That’s part of a broader flexing to meet the needs of businesses outside of our home state of Colorado. The end of 2017 also saw us working on features that cater to younger markets (or in California’s case, markets where regulation is young).


And now… 2018

The new year started off strong as we’ve already added to our team of Regulatory Analysts, a department that will continue to grow as we tackle new markets.

We’re also in the finishing stages of an automated SOP feature that will allow our clients to go beyond self-auditing and better document, assign, and update their compliance procedures. Enabling clients to have a strong, navigable compliance trail is our number one initiative in 2018, as the regulatory climate is changing what it means to build a long-standing cannabis business. Oh, and running beneath it all is helping to make sure our users know how to get the most from Simplifya, which is why we’re working on our first set of product videos that will make all users a power user. Stay tuned for those.

Good luck getting a jump on 2018, and we’ll be talking soon!

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