Simplifya Aligns with NCRMA as an Exclusive Service Partner to Cannabis Industry Operators

Denver, COLORADO — April 28, 2021 —  Simplifya, the leading provider of regulatory and operational compliance software for the cannabis industry, is proud to announce that it has joined forces with the National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA) as an exclusive service partner for NCRMA’s members. 

Simplifya and NCRMA recognize the value compliance and risk mitigation will increasingly play in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Staying on top of the ever-changing rules and regulations while running a business in cannabis is no small feat. As the cannabis industry races toward becoming a federally legalized, regulated market, all parties across the value chain need to mitigate their risks. The number one way to mitigate and manage risk is through compliance and being ready for the next regulatory challenge. Simplifya’s alliance with NCRMA will provide businesses with the tools and savings they need to identify, manage and eliminate the risks inherent in this highly regulated industry.

The NCRMA is the nation’s only dedicated cannabis risk management association, with the goal of offering innovative risk management services to enable its members to thrive from seed to consumer in the emerging cannabis industry. NCRMA members benefit from the association’s educational courses through the NCRM Academy, access to insurance products and complimentary risk consultations, as well as customized risk-management solutions. 

“The NCRMA is honored to provide services and resources such as Simplifya to help its members become best in class cannabis operators,” said Alex Hearding, NCRMA’s Chief Risk Management Officer. “Simplifya is the nation’s leading regulatory and operational compliance tool for the cannabis industry. Together, we will help streamline the industry’s compliance and risk management to exceed regulatory expectations and minimize liability exposure.”

Simplifya’s suite of compliance products was developed with the goal of helping licensed cannabis operators maintain compliance with the myriad of often conflicting state and local regulations in both the medical and adult-use markets. The completely customizable Self-Audit checklists and Audit Templates give operators the power to identify, track, and mitigate potential issues before a potential risk emerges. Simplifya’s License Tracker empowers users to track any and all licenses, certifications, and employee badges to ensure nothing expires or lapses into non-compliance, and the Reporting feature lets users export reports on more than 70 unique data points. The online Smart Cabinet document storage system comes loaded with a cheat sheet listing every document an operator needs to keep on hand, and safely organizes and saves all cannabis compliance and regulatory paperwork. 

Simplifya’s newest product, Simplifya Verified, was designed to provide any business serving the cannabis industry with independent verification of cannabis licenses across the country. Simplifya Verified is a fast, easy-to-use search engine that provides all of the data points needed for cannabis license verification, taking the guesswork out of business transactions and delivering companies a much-needed risk management tool to confidently grow their businesses.

About Simplifya

Simplifya is the nation’s leading regulatory and operational compliance tool for the cannabis industry, empowering small and large businesses to proactively manage compliance tasks across all facilities and license types. Simplifya’s web-based self-auditing system distills complex state and local regulations into a series of simple yes-or-no questions to facilitate self-audits, identify areas of non-compliance, manage remediation efforts, and generate management and audit reports. Simplifya’s SOP feature automates the assigning, tracking, and versioning of standard operating procedures, while its Smart Cabinet digital filing system houses all of a business’s required compliance and operational documents in one place. For more information, visit


About the National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA)

NCRMA provides a rapidly growing membership with innovative risk management and insurance solutions through its expansive list of service partners and offerings. Founded in 2018, the not-for-profit has established itself as the leader in providing cost-effective and comprehensive non-traditional risk management services to the cannabis market through education, support, and expertise. To join, visit


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