Simplifya to Launch New Cannabis Payments Platform

Payments industry veteran Jeff Katz, together with Simplifya, will bring leading-edge, compliant payment processing, integrated digital commerce, and loyalty marketing to the cannabis industry 


Denver, CO – April 1, 2021Simplifya, the leading provider of regulatory and operational compliance software for the cannabis industry, is proud to announce it has teamed up with payments industry veteran Jeff Katz, founder of Mercury Payment Solutions and Retail Service Providers Association 2013 Hall of Fame inductee. Through this new collaboration, Simplifya will bring best-in-class, compliance-centered payments platform featuring digital commerce, online ordering, mobile payments, and customer loyalty to the cannabis industry. 


Katz’s position and reputation in the payments industry have paved the way for the introduction of the technology platform — which powers some of the most dynamic mobile wallet and mobile ordering/e-commerce sites for leading QSR brands — to the cannabis industry. 


“We have been approached by players in the cannabis industry multiple times over the years,” said Katz. “But it wasn’t until our conversations with Simplifya, and their reputation for a commitment to compliance and compliant operators, that we felt like we found the right partner to enter the cannabis industry.” 


Through the contribution of assets, funding, and expertise from Jeff and his team, Simplifya will rollout this enterprise-grade technology to cannabis industry operators. This end-to-end digital commerce platform is built around unrivaled payment processing technology that also incorporates order-ahead, mobile payments (via ACH), loyalty/rewards, and customer engagement technology integrated seamlessly with dispensary POS providers. 


Due to existing Apple Store and Google Play restrictions on cannabis apps, the group will deliver custom online menu and mobile ordering interfaces tied to the dispensary’s POS system and reflecting inventory in real-time. The online menu platform and customer engagement data will be owned by the dispensaries, not by third-party e-commerce providers or online ordering platforms. 


The platform’s consumer interface boasts best-in-class security, KYC guidelines, compliance, and other security measures coupled with an easy-to-use interface to deliver the mainstream digital experience customers have come to expect and rely on in their everyday lives.  Customers will be able to create a personal account, which will store their valid identification (driver’s license) and bank information to pay for their online orders directly through the platform via ACH. 


“We’re incredibly proud to bring access to this highly respected technology to our POS and retail partners,” said Simplifya CEO Marion Mariathasan. “Because the cannabis industry is so new and still so strictly regulated, dispensaries and retail centers have not had access to the same types of marketing and rewards apps that proliferate the mainstream customer experience. Until now.  We are incredibly fortunate to have payments industry veterans like Jeff Katz, along with money transfer and security expert Ran Grushkowsky in our corner to help bring these technologies to the industry.” 


Simplifya’s compliance-centric payments, commerce, and loyalty platform will launch in Q2 of 2021 and the company says that it already has POS companies and dispensaries lined up as customers. 


About Simplifya

Simplifya is the nation’s leading regulatory and operational compliance tool for the cannabis industry, empowering small and large businesses to proactively manage compliance tasks across all facilities and license types. Simplifya’s web-based self-auditing system distills complex state and local regulations into a series of simple yes-or-no questions to facilitate self-audits, identify areas of non-compliance, manage remediation efforts, and generate management and audit reports. Simplifya’s SOP feature automates the assigning, tracking, and versioning of standard operating procedures, while its Smart Cabinet digital filing system houses all of a business’s required compliance and operational documents in one place. For more information, visit

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