Simplifya’s New Smart Cabinet Has Arrived

There’s a saying that 90% of cannabis compliance is documentation. Keeping files. Organizing files. Making sure none of your documents are expired. Being able to produce them for an inspection at a moment’s notice. 

Since launching two years ago, Simplifya’s Smart Cabinet has provided our users with an online hub to organize and manage all of their required compliance documents. We even loaded it with a cheat sheet that lists all of the documents that licensed operators are required to keep on hand, as mandated by their state and local regulatory agencies. 

While it was clear that managing your compliance meant managing your files; we quickly realized that just helping our clients understand what they needed to keep on file wasn’t enough. 

So, we built (a lot) on top of that cheat sheet-driven storage hub in the name of providing the ultimate compliance document workflow.

Work in an easy location-based interface

The redesigned Smart Cabinet comes with a structure that’s organized by location. Gone are the days of seeing an overflowing list of binders and document types. Now, when you enter your Smart Cabinet module, you’ll see a list of states that can be clicked on and expanded to show all of your locations within that state. 

It’s not until after you select the location you want to manage that you’ll see the relevant Simplifya folders (formerly “binders”) and beneath those, the required Documents.


Configure robust user permissions

Smart Cabinet now lets you build a file and user permissions structure that your business needs. With this complete permissions overhaul, you can control which users and/or roles (e.g. managers, employees) can: 

  • Access the Smart Cabinet module
  • Upload, view, download or delete files
  • Create folders and Documents
  • Assign file upload tasks


And that’s in addition to the ability to set permissions for each individual file.


An even more targeted cheat-sheet

Our first rendition of Smart Cabinet provided you with a list of the required Documents for your state. It was a comprehensive list…but that also meant that there were potentially a lot of extraneous documents on the list if your licensed operation didn’t conduct certain activities (cultivation, retail, manufacturing, etc.).

The new Smart Cabinet cuts out that noise by only showing you the required Documents based on your licenses. In other words, if a Document isn’t relevant for your location’s document compliance, you won’t see it.

And if you want to make it even cleaner, you can mute Documents (or entire folders) to completely hide them from view.


Stay on top of uploads with document assignments

Want to create a recurring frequency at which a new file should be uploaded? Each Document can be given an upload frequency (daily, weekly, monthly), with a recurring due date. Whenever the due date hits, assignees will be reminded to upload a file to that document.

Even better, new upload tasks can be found from the “Documents” tab of each user’s dashboard.

Our excitement about this overhauled Smart Cabinet is matched only by its potential to save you time and effort in maintaining next-level document compliance. As the industry continues to change, we’re committed to evolving and meeting the needs of your business. 

We’re always looking for your feedback about how we can help you create a culture of compliance, and keep your licensed operation running as #CompliantAF.

Not a client yet, but want to learn more about how Simplifya can help your operation manage compliance? Request a demo here, and we’ll be happy to share it with you!

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