Become a TPA

As a registered Third Party Auditor, your business will receive training and support, access to the industry’s most accurate regulatory content, promotion on Simplifya’s website, and a listing within our apps.

Registered TPAs pay a monthly access fee of just $49 and a per-audit fee that is based on audit volume. The fee that you charge your client for the audit service is between you and your client. We simply ask that you provide a meaningful discount to our clients.

Our Application Process


Fill out the application telling us about your business’s experience as an auditor.


Our team will review your qualifications, looking at the breadth of your expertise.


Once registered, create your account and be listed as a third-party auditor.

Fill out the form to be considered for Simplifya’s registered Third Party Auditor Program.

TPA Application
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Please describe your experience in cannabis law, regulatory compliance, audit and remediation, or other relevant field.
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