Our Third Party Auditor program gives cannabis businesses access to companies with a history of thorough, professional and ethical auditing practices.

Third party audits provide an independent assessment from a qualified expert, an essential part of any compliance plan. When a client wants to engage a TPA for an audit, they make an in-app request to one of our approved auditors. When the auditor accepts, the appointment is set.

Become a TPA

Does your consulting, compliance, or legal business have a track record of excellence in auditing?

We’re always on the hunt for qualified TPAs to offer to Simplifya clients, in our home state of Colorado and beyond. Click below to start your three steps to becoming a preferred auditor.
Fill out the application telling us about your business’s experience as an auditor.
Our team will review your qualifications, looking at the breadth of your expertise.
If you’re approved, create your account and be listed as a third-party auditor.

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Approved Third Party Auditors

Confident. Current. Compliant.

We know how difficult it is to run your cannabis business. We deliver reliability and peace of mind to cannabis business owners, setting us apart as the consultancy leader in our exciting, growing industry.
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Taking the Fear Out of Compliance

With over 6 years of experience in Colorado cannabis regulation, ICS Consulting provides you with an in-depth analysis of your business, presenting you with the structure you need to maintain your company’s security and compliance.
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America's Leading Marijuana Law Firm

Our clients are trailblazers and we take pride in being with them every step along the way, helping them navigate and overcome unique legal and regulatory challenges.
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