Our Third Party Auditor program gives consulting and law firms an opportunity to build and enhance their audit practice by leveraging our compliance platform.

Here's how it works. We focus on developing and enhancing our product. Simplifya is state and local marijuana regulatory content packaged in an easy-to-use tool, delivered seamlessly across web, iOS and Android apps.
You focus on developing and enhancing your audit practice, which means empowering your auditors with a tool that makes them both efficient and proficient. You could create your own compliance checklists, even build your own audit software, but it's expensive and time-consuming. There's little reason to do that when you can use Simplifya to conduct your audits, produce your reports, and still maintain control of your client engagements for a small fraction of the expense and time.
We encourage clients to supplement regular self-audits with third party audits to get an independent view from an experienced consultant. This best practice is built into our software. When a client wants to engage a TPA for an audit, they make a one-step, in-app request to one of our registered auditors. That could be you!

Become a TPA

Does your consulting, compliance, or legal business have a track record of excellence in auditing?

We’re always on the hunt for qualified TPAs to offer to Simplifya clients, in our home state of Colorado and beyond. Click below to start your three steps to becoming a preferred auditor.
Fill out the application telling us about your business’s experience as an auditor.
Our team will review your qualifications, looking at the breadth of your expertise.
Once registered, create your account and be listed as a third-party auditor.

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Registered Third Party Auditors

Cannabis Compliance Experts

We are located in Los Angeles County and provide solutions to the cannabis industry throughout California. Our experts have hands-on experience managing federal, state and local regulatory expectations and have helped businesses in the medical and social services industry stay compliant, pass audits and reduce their risk.
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Michigan's Premier Cannabis Law Firm

We specialize in the business of cannabis, helping clients with all aspects of the licensing process and building their businesses. Our legal team knows the cannabis marketplace and will help you lay the groundwork for your long-term security and success.
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Canna Resource Group

Together, we are in the business of compliance

We are a risk and project management firm focused on helping our clients protect the permits and licenses they have worked so hard to obtain. We work with operators to create a resilient culture of compliance. Third-parties are also leveraging our services as part of their due diligence processes.
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Cannabis Compliance Consulting Experts

We offer a broad array of compliance services geared to address California regulations. Our team will guide you through your options to make sure that you are comfortable with your treatment plan.
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Leading the industry in commercial cannabis compliance est. 2011

iComply is the most comprehensive, robust, and proactive compliance management solutions provider. We have lead the industry, shaped its regulatory standards, and helped hundreds of clients. We are global in our efforts to create, maintain, and lead industry integrity in cannabis compliance.
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ICS Consulting

Taking the Fear Out of Compliance

ICS Consulting Service has nine years of licensed operational experience in the Colorado cannabis market. We specialize in: Employee compliance training, third-party compliance audits, SOP development, seed-to-sale tracking, inventory control, HR training, licensed facility management, and health & sanitation processes.
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Make Green Go

Helping you navigate licensing and compliance

Make Green Go Consulting is the exclusive Technical Assistance Provider for the city of Oakland’s (CA) Equity Program. We help cannabis entrepreneurs with license application, business planning, regulatory compliance, and other essential services.
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Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting

Compliance Operations, Inventory Control, Seed-to-Sale Training

At Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting, our unique background in compliance operations and technology helps mitigate your compliance risk and provide best practices from the largest retailers. We are experts in supply chain management, seed-to-sale technology, compliance and retail operations for regulated markets.
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Vicente Sederberg

America's Leading Marijuana Law Firm

Our clients are trailblazers and we take pride in being with them every step along the way, helping them navigate and overcome unique legal and regulatory challenges.
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