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Updated SOP templates now available for Colorado

What better way to start your new year than by using SOP templates that comply with Colorado’s new marijuana rules? While most of us were sipping champagne and celebrating the New Year, Colorado’s updated marijuana rules went into effect. In a recent blog post, we pointed out the most significant changes to rules. Most notably, there are enhanced standards for audited products including nasal sprays, “weed lube,” and “butt pot.” But as tempting as it may be to consider marijuana-infused arousal lube, have you considered that these changes might mean for your company’s standard operating procedures (SOPs)?

SOP templates

A reminder about the benefit of our SOP templates

Let’s not forget that SOPs are required by the MED. They can also be used as a mitigating factor to prevent violations. Aside from compliance purposes, well-written SOPs can:

  • save time and training costs,
  • reduce risk,
  • increase productivity, and
  • control consistency and product quality for an organization.

As someone who has worked in the compliance department at a national marijuana company, I can say confidently that SOPs are very important documents. Updating SOPs when rules change should not fall by the wayside.

How Colorado’s update rules impacted our SOP templates

Although maintaining SOPs is critical, it is a very time consuming task that requires much attention to detail. That is why Simplifya updated its bundle of SOPs in alignment with the new rules. We changed 20 SOP templates as a direct result of the updated rules. Key changes and additions include:

  • fibrous waste procedures,
  • sampling manager designation in METRC,
  • sampling unit transfers,
  • cleaning and maintenance of equipment used in the production of audited use products,
  • facility requirements for MIPs manufacturing audited products,
  • cleaning and sanitizing requirements for audited products,
  • employee hygiene requirements for audited products,
  • audited products packaging and labeling checklists,
  • alternative use products packaging and labeling checklists,
  • sampling units packing and labeling checklists for transfer to sampling managers,
  • packaging and labeling checklists for kief products.

Additionally, all of Simplifya’s Colorado SOPs have been given a more general makeover. This “makeover” includes:

  • updated references to the MED’s proposed permanent retail and medical marijuana rules,
  • increased detail to policies and procedures,
  • more in-depth explanations of applicable definitions and resources needed for each SOP
  • additional procedures that are specific to Colorado’s unique market, and
  • improvements in readability.

Here’s a breakdown of our Colorado SOP templates by category:

  • Books and Records (1)
  • Cultivation (5)
  • Customers (1)
  • Employees (2)
  • Inventory Management (4)
  • Inventory Tracking (1)
  • Quality (1)
  • Sanitation (7)
  • Security (7)
  • Transportation (1)
  • Visitors (1)
  • Waste (5)
  • Packaging and Labeling (42)

An illustration

An example of a Simplifya Colorado SOP that has been created specifically to address the new MED rules is the Fibrous Waste SOP. SB18-187 gave the MED rule-making authority to allow cultivators and manufacturers to transfer marijuana fibrous waste to a company to make into industrial fiber products. The MED defined “fibrous waste” as any roots, stalks, and stems from a marijuana plant. The MED also outlined requirements about:

Simplifya’s Fibrous Waste SOP breaks down these requirements into easy-to-understand tasks. These tasks allow the employee responsible for handling fibrous waste to compliantly and efficiently store, weigh, record, and transfer fibrous waste.


These new rules might create an opportunity for your business to expand or they may lead to changes in your business operations. Therefore, relying on Simplifya’s updated and understandable standard operating procedures is a great way to guarantee compliance and efficiency throughout your organization’s departments.

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