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Simplifya is the industry’s leading regulatory compliance tool for licensees and those who audit them.

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Simplifya is the industry's top software for cannabis compliance
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  • Simplifya helps marijuana businesses track state and local regulations

    Read receipts, not regulations

    Simplifya’s legal team does the legwork to ensure you stay on top of changes at the state and local level. Our audit questions never go out-of-date. Learn more >
  • Action-driven compliance

    Every audit report generates a set of non-compliant issues with steps for resolving them. Assign these action items to employees so managers can track them to completion and you can get back to compliance fast. Learn more >
    Maintain cannabis compliance through Action Items
  • Our suite of marijuana compliance tools is unmatched by anyone in the industry thanks to our in-house development team

    New features, same monthly price

    Your low monthly subscription includes semi-monthly software updates, delivered seamlessly through our cloud platform. You’ll never pay extra (or wait longer) for new features. Learn more >

"We're trying to take something that can be challenging, complicating, frustrating and even scary for businesses, and make it easy."

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What They're Saying

"From losing your job to $10,000 to $100,000, the repercussions are very severe for being non-compliant. We view Simplifya as essential to our business."

Danielle Massey
Operations Manager, Groundswell

"With Simplifya, you can assign tasks down your chain of command to hold people accountable. It really helps create a culture of regulatory compliance."

Christian Sederberg
Founding Partner, Vicente Sederberg

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