Your Cannabis Compliance Solution

Your Cannabis
Compliance Solution

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Conduct self-audits tailored specifically to your business to easily identify and remediate areas of non-compliance.

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Easily update and track all versions of your SOPs or purchase Simplifya’s SOP templates, drafted in accordance with state requirements.

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Smart Cabinet

Know which documents your business is required to have on file and store them all in a single, organized location.

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License Tracker

Get reminders for anything that requires a renewal and store all relevant documentation in a single location, from your state license to your fire extinguisher.

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Simplifya provides easy-to-use tools to help proactively ensure business compliance in order to protect your license, company and investment.

Whether you’re a licensed operator or a third-party service provider, Simplifya helps to schedule, assign and track the myriad of tasks required to manage and maintain compliance. Our suite of products take the guesswork out of the confusing and continually changing regulations. Our leading best practices and easy-to-navigate technology platform saves you headaches, time and the difficulty of wading through countless pages of regulations, so you can focus on what’s important to you: running your cannabis business.


Using Simplifya saves you time and peace of mind.

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Simplifya is currently helping licensed operators in the following states.

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An Overview of Marijuana Compliance Laws on the East Coast: State-by-State Highlights

California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana. The eastward spread of legalization has been a slow climb, but several states have found ways to implement laws that are friendlier to marijuana users if not legalized.  Currently, marijuana is legal for adult recreational use in 18 states as well as Washington, D.C. Medical marijuana […]

Cannabis Delivery Service Compliance by State

Cannabis Delivery Service Compliance Concerns Marijuana delivery services are an emerging subset of the cannabis industry that is rapidly gaining popularity. One of the biggest complications with marijuana delivery services is meeting all cannabis business compliance standards.  Business Operations A crucial component of successful marijuana delivery service compliance is having strict operational protocol in place. [...]

How to Ensure Cannabis Compliance to Protect Your Business License

Obtaining a cannabis business license is no walk in the park, regardless of which state you’re a licensed cannabis operator in. Once you have that license, protect it like it’s your baby.  In early 2021, a San Francisco area marijuana testing lab filed a lawsuit against the California Bureau of Cannabis Control after the lab’s [...]

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