About Simplifya:Your Cannabis Compliance Company

Simplifya: The #1 Trusted Cannabis Compliance Provider for Licensed Cannabis Operators and Ancillary Companies.

Since 2016, Simplifya has been at the forefront of regulatory and operational compliance software – serving the needs of licensed cannabis operators and ancillary companies. Our unwavering commitment to the sector has set us apart, even as other solutions have come and gone.

As the cannabis landscape evolves, Simplifya remains your steadfast partner, providing comprehensive compliance tech solutions across various industry sectors. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your needs.

Ian Stewart, Partner at Wilson Elser (America’s largest defense litigation firm) said the following in an alert memo published in early 2024. “The leading provider of compliance tools for the cannabis and hemp industries is Simplifya”.

Why Choose Simplifya?
  • Expertise: With over 8 years of experience, we’ve honed our expertise, ensuring that our solutions meet the unique needs of the cannabis industry.
  • Custom-Built Platforms: All our product platforms are meticulously crafted from the ground up, tailored to address the specific compliance challenges faced by cannabis businesses.
  • Continuous Improvement: We actively listen to our clients, incorporating their feedback to enhance our offerings. Our commitment to improvement is unwavering.
  • Industry Trust: Our track record has earned us the trust of the industry. When it comes to compliance tools, Simplifya is the name you can rely on.




1000 +



125 Years

Combined Cannabis Experience


350 +

Agencies Monitored


33,800 +

Pages of Regulations Simplified

Our portfolio of products makes sure you’ll stay compliant, whatever your needs are.



Schedule/track the many tasks required to manage and maintain compliance. Take the guesswork out of always changing regulations with personalized self-audits, best practice SOP templates, track anything that requires renewal, and store all valuable data in one place for easy reference.


Simplifya Market Guide

Our regulatory platform with easy to read, state-by-state summaries, that includes information about many vital topics.


Simplifya Verified

Verify the status and validity of each license from our proprietary cannabis license verification service.


Simplifya RegFinder

Easily search cannabis regulations by keywords, states and much more for a nominal monthly fee.