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The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) last week notified nearly 3,000 recreational marijuana licensees that detections of Aspergillus mold in cannabis products would no longer prevent the sale or transfer of such products. Read the comments made by our Regulatory Analyst, Alex Rubin.

Simplifya, Ceylon Solutions, and Shield Compliance announced the launch of Cannabis OneClick, a marketplace for licensed cannabis and hemp operators to quickly and easily find the top-rated and most experienced service providers in the industry.

In this insightful interview, Marion discusses the genesis of Simplifya, our recent groundbreaking initiative, the Risk Mitigation Alliance, and the pivotal role it plays in supporting cannabis businesses. He also shares valuable lessons from his entrepreneurial journey, his perspective on the evolving business landscape, and his vision of success in 2023.

In an intriguing turn of events within the burgeoning legal cannabis sector, a pressing conundrum has emerged - the hindrance of seamless electronic payment options due to the incongruity between federal and state cannabis regulations.

Cannabis is still illegal on the federal level and the industry has struggled to deliver payment options to customers. Most recently, Mastercard officially banned dispensaries from processing debit card transactions.

Read the comments made by our Senior Regulatory Analyst, Snowden Stieber.

In 2015, Marion Mariathason sold his tequila company and was looking for his next venture. He spoke to colleagues about the problems the cannabis industry faced regarding operational compliance and saw an opportunity to be at the forefront of a new industry.

As part of their “How It Started” interview series, Marion Mariathasan had the pleasure of chatting with Budsfeed.

In 2015, Marion wrapped up a venture and was looking for the next big opportunity when he ran into some friends in Denver who told him about how exciting the cannabis industry was and all the opportunities that were ahead. They had the foresight to recognize that the industry lacked a simple and cost-effective solution to help licensed operators stay compliant with changing regulations, and it was from those early conversations that Simplifya was born.

Mastercard’s decision to ban the purchase of cannabis products using its debit cards will have widespread financial and safety impacts on an already struggling industry. Read the comments made by Snowden Stieber, our senior regulatory analyst.

Simplifya announced it expanded the company’s footprint to 29 states, launching its core suite of compliance solutions for cannabis businesses in Rhode Island.