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Simplifya Releases Nationwide Cannabis Market Guide

Market Guide gives cannabis and cannabis-related businesses comprehensive and user-friendly regulatory summaries of regulatory requirements in all 50 states.

Navigating The Cannabis Business With Katrina Skinner

Katrina Skinner, General Counsel and Chief Banking Officer for Simplifya joined Business Brief to talk about how the growing cannabis industry adapted during the pandemic.

Marion Mariathasan: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A Founder

As a part of their series about “5 things I wish someone had told me before I became a founder”, Authority Magazine interviewed our CEO Marion Mariathasan.

Simplifya Launches Compliance Solutions In West Virginia

Denver-based Simplifya today announced that its suite of compliance solutions is available to cannabis businesses in the West Virginia medical cannabis industry.

TWO12 Cannabis Investor Series: Marion Mariathasan

This year, as part of their TWO12 Cannabis Investor Series, MJBulls will feature eighteen of the cannabis industry's top investors, reviewing the previous 12-months and sharing their 2022 investment strategies. Dan Humiston was joined by Angel Investor Marion Mariathasan from Simplifya.

Marion Mariathasan: Here's How Technology Is Reshaping Cannabis

Green Market Report asked some of the top technology leaders in the cannabis industry for their thoughts on how tech is changing the cannabis world. Simplifya Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Marion Mariathasan, was one of them.

Dave Nestoff: Cannabis Compliance Is a Labor-Intensive Burden for Operators

This week, Dave Nestoff, director of product and engineering at Simplifya, discusses how he landed at a cannabis compliance software company after two very different careers — and why he loves working for startups.

Brooke Butler with Cannabinoid Connect

Brooke Butler, VP of Partnerships at Simplifya, was invited to talk in the Cannabinoid Connect podcast.

Simplifya is launching in Delaware

Simplifya announced that its suite of compliance solutions for cannabis businesses is available now in Delaware. The solution suite is designed to help cannabis operators remain compliant and manage risks in Delaware’s heavily regulated and expanding medical marijuana market.