What Is Risk Mitigation Alliance?

Leading Service Providers coming together to reduce the risk and costs of essential services for licensed operators (MRBs).

How Does RMA Work?

It’s very simple: if you’re a client of any of our RMA partners, you’re eligible for all of the RMA benefits. Just complete the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll do the rest!

What are the Benefits for Licensed Operators?


Discounted Simplifya monthly subscription fee.

RMA partners will cover 70% of your Simplifya monthly subscription fees.

Discounted Legal, Banking, HR/Payroll, Payments and more

Licensed operators who subscribe to Simplifya qualify for discounted/preferred billing rates from any of our RMA partners.

Preferred pricing on your insurance premium renewals

Licensed operators who utilize Simplifya for compliance are eligible for discounts/preferred pricing on insurance premiums.
*While insurance carriers will do their best to provide premium discounts on insurance policies for Simplifya customers, note that discount amounts are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the insurance carriers, and the discounts applied at policy renewal, if any, may vary based on many different risk factors of the insured.

Want to become an RMA Partner?

Want to become an RMA Partner? Email us at rma@simplifya.com. Join RMA and receive a free invitation and subscription to Cannabis OneClick

Founding Partners Of RMA


Simplifya is the leading regulatory and operational compliance company in the industry – founded in 2016. Simplifya’s Protect Software in utilized by the largest MSO as well by operators of all sizes.


Shield Compliance is the leading Fintech company in the cannabis industry – its purpose-built BSA/AML compliance management software solutions sites behind financial instituitions to simplify compliance, automate processes and enable cannabis banking.

RMA Partners

Claim Your RMA Benefits

Be Sure Your RMA Partner Is Aware You Are Subscribing To Simplifya!