Cannabis Compliance Solution For Governments

Cannabis regulatory and enforcement agencies are charged with the expensive and time-consuming task of ensuring that the licensed operators within their jurisdictions are operating in compliance with the regulations. With limited manpower and resources, many agencies are outsourcing the compliance checks and operator auditing to partner consultants, who can charge a premium for their time and expertise. 

Simplifya’s robust Regulatory Compliance Content is derived directly from the state regulations by the experts in our regulatory affairs department, processed and made available to Licensed Operators through a simple “yes or no” checklist…allowing them to perform a self-audit of their operation as often as they (or you) want.


Featuring customizable audit content, Simplifya’s easy-to-read audits and remediation reports empower agencies to more efficiently and effectively view the state of compliance of any licensed operator.

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Low Cost

Drastically lower your costs and increase the effectiveness of your customer’s regulatory and operational compliance obligations

Direct Relationship

We are never between you and your client. We have tools for both you (Government entity) and your customer (licensed operator). Your relationship with your client is direct.

Save Time

Save time and assign tasks to your employees via the platform.

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