Streamlined Cannabis Compliance Monitoring

According to the FinCEN Cannabis Banking Guidance, every financial institution with customers in the cannabis industry must guarantee that their MRB clients are operating in compliance with state law. Simplifya has designed 2 solutions to help financial institutions and other ancillary companies effectively plan and support Licensed Operators.

Simplifya Verified is an independent system that allows all ancillary service businesses, such as financial institutions, insurance carriers, and others, to verify the status and validity of cannabis licenses across the country and ensure that their client base is in good standing.

Simplifya Market Guide, our newest service product, is a regulatory platform developed for businesses that support the growth of MRBs in order to help them compete in a fast-growing marketplace. Market Guide provides crucial insights about U.S. cannabis markets with easy-to-read, state-by-state summaries, that are routinely updated and include information on a variety of vital topics that are critical to strategizing expansion and conducting business in each state.

Simplifya Verified

Quickly verify the status and standing of any license with the appropriate state agencies through our online license verification service. Simplifya Verified collects license data from regulatory agencies overseeing legal cannabis markets and confirms the status and standing of each license holder with their state oversight agency.

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Simplifya Market Guide

The Simplifya Market Guide is a new cannabis regulatory solution designed for:

  • Businesses providing critical services supporting the growth of cannabis licensees
  • Ancillary companies that provide services to licensed cannabis operators

Our regulatory platform with easy to read, state-by-state summaries, that includes information about many vital topics.

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