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Corey Bartkus
Regulatory Analyst
Brooke Butler
VP of Partnerships
Scott Daly
Chief Revenue Officer
Seth Dean
Territory Lead
Joe DeVore
Regulatory Analyst
Katelin Edwards
Regulatory Analyst
Tyler Elder
Senior Regulatory Analyst
Luke Ewing
Regulatory Analyst
Joyce Hanlon
Territory Lead
Nikirana Hicks
Marketing Coordinator
Amy Larson
VP of Marketing & PR
Andrea Lesica
Regulatory Coordinator
Marion Mariathasan
Co-Founder & CEO
Rick Matsumoto
Chief Operating Officer
Mark Mendes
Operations & Logistics Manager
John Morgan
SVP of Operations
Aj Mossman
Territory Lead
Watson Mulkey
Product Manager
Dave Nestoff
Director of Product & Engineering
Vanessa Padilla
Technical Writer
Jessica Tamulski
Kate Thomson
Regulatory Analyst

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