Simplifya Verified

The Easiest Way to Verify Cannabis & Hemp Licenses

Simplifya Verified is our cannabis and hemp license verification service that provides both companies serving the industry, such as financial institutions and insurance companies, and licensed operators with yet another layer of compliance confidence. Simplifya Verified collects data from the state agencies that issue the licenses and presents the data in a consistent, easy-to-search manner.


We provide support for all legal cannabis and hemp states along with Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico.


Simplifya’s in-house data processing team collects and monitors over 90,000 license records. Each week, over half of the database turns over as licenses are added, updated, and removed.


Simplifya Verified serves as a critical step in risk mitigation efforts, allowing organizations to more fully protect their investment in, or partnership with, licensed operators.


Companies can also save time and money with bulk license verification. Let our team handle the verification process for you! Just send us a file of your accounts (license numbers optional), we’ll return a report with the verified status of the licenses.

Why Use Verified VS Google?

Finding the information you need through the agency can take up a lot of time. State agency pages are labyrinths of random, irrelevant pages and PDFs. SV has all of the information you do need and none of the information you don’t. Our database is easy to use and features such as the search bar, filter by state, and sorting by field make the experience far superior to using Google.

Our database is incredibly robust. Many individual records include data points from multiple sources and our proprietary decision-making technology is used to determine which data points to use when we have multiple sources. We have data that is not readily available that we have gathered through contacting the agencies directly via open records requests. State agencies will often remove inactive records from their lists but we keep those in our database.

If you only have a few licenses to check in a single state, maybe a couple of times per year, then you really don’t need SV. SV makes sense when:

  • You need to verify more than a few licenses.
  • You need to verify licenses in more than one state.
  • You need the assurance that comes from verifying licenses on an ongoing basis.

Ways To Utilize Simplifya Verified

As a Lookup Service

We’ll give you login credentials (a subscription comes with unlimited users) and you can look up licenses as often as you’d like, whenever you’d like.

As a Monitoring Service

You give us a list of licensees you’d like us to monitor and we’ll give you a monthly status report.

As an API

Share your use case and we’ll do the research. We’ll use an API integration that fits or provide a reasonable quote on custom integration.