License Verification at its Best

Simplifya Verified is our proprietary cannabis license verification service that provides both companies serving the industry, like Financial Institutions, and licensed operators with yet another layer of compliance confidence. Simplifya Verified collects license data from cannabis regulatory agencies and verifies the status and validity of each license on an on-going basis.

Currently, 29 of the 33 states with legal cannabis markets make cannabis license information available to the public. Just as regulations differ from state to state, so does how this information is made available. Simplifya’s in-house legal team has completed the data collection of more than 40,000 license records and provides Simplifya Verified users with a clean, organized database available in one simple search. Unlike other cannabis license lists, Simplifya Verified provides near real-time verification, so users can feel confident the information they are receiving is current and accurate.


Simplifya Verified serves as a critical step in risk mitigation efforts, allowing organizations to more fully protect their investment in, or partnership with, another cannabis business.

Companies can also save time and money with bulk license verification. Simply upload a file and let our team handle the verification process for you! Once complete, users will get a notice to log in to view and download their updated file, which contains a new column indicating license status (red, yellow or green).

Protect your investment.