License Verification at its Best

Simplifya Verified is our cannabis license verification service that provides both companies serving the industry, such as financial institutions and insurance companies, and licensed operators with yet another layer of compliance confidence. Simplifya Verified collects data from the state agencies that issue the licenses and presents the data in a consistent, easy-to-search manner.


We provide support for all legal cannabis states along with Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico.


Simplifya’s in-house data processing team collects and monitors over 60,000 license records. Each week, over half of the database turns over as licenses are added, updated, and removed.


Simplifya Verified serves as a critical step in risk mitigation efforts, allowing organizations to more fully protect their investment in, or partnership with, licensed operators.


Companies can also save time and money with bulk license verification. Let our team handle the verification process for you! Just send us a file of your accounts (license numbers optional), we’ll return a report with the verified status of the licenses. 

Protect your investment.