Need to show it? We'll let you save it.

With Simplifya’s Documents module comes your new hub for all things compliance. Retention is easier than ever with a document solution made just for cannabis. Made for you.

Never out of reach

Access documents anywhere you can log in to Simplifya.

Storage to spare

One gigabyte of storage space with a basic subscription.

No annoying folders

Organizing files is fast and easy with an intuitive tagging system.

  • Sales Receipts
  • Inventory Records
  • Marketing and Advertising Records
  • Correspondence
  • Testing
  • Transfer Manifests
  • Security Records
  • Licenses
  • Visitor Logs
  • Pesticide Records
  • Tax Records
  • Employee Records
  • Patient Paperwork
  • Concentrate Records
  • Marijuana-Infused Product Records
  • Facility Records
  • Audits
  • Corporate, Contracts, and Financial Records

Tag it

Apply one or multiple tags to a document for easy retrieval and visibility. Create your own tags and build the structure that works for you and your team.
No endless folder hierarchy. No confusion.

Share intelligently

Intuitive Permission Hierarchy

By default, Employees only see the docs they upload, and Managers see all docs at their locations. The Administrator? They see everything.

Easy Password Protection

Add a password to any incoming documents. Anyone trying to read or download that document will have to enter your password.

Per-user file permissions give you full control over which documents a user can see and, more importantly, what they can do. Restrict users from being able to download and delete sensitive files or open up permissions for documents everyone uses.

Welcome to your Smart Cabinet

Smart Cabinet gives you access to Binders and Tabs, and the power to delegate document uploading duties to users across your company.

Save hours on document compliance

Hold Employees responsible for uploading documents and attaching them to the correct locations and licenses within your business.
Smart Cabinet comes with three customizable notifications so you'll never miss an upload.

Document Uploaded

Upload Missed

Upload Reminders

Is the business of compliance giving you a headache? Simplify it.