Easily Identify and Remediate Areas of Non-Compliance with State Cannabis Regs

Simplifya’s Audits feature helps licensed operators protect their licenses and business from operational and regulatory compliance risks. Our dedicated team of cannabis regulatory analysts takes the state cannabis regulations, convert them into simple yes-or-no questions, and then categorizes them by license type. Our Audits feature allows you to generate a compliance audit tailored specifically to your business to easily identify areas of non-compliance. On top of that, we provide solutions to restore compliance and our technology lets you assign the remediation tasks to your team members, creating a culture of compliance and accountability.

We Understand That Each Business Is Different, So We’ve Built The Audits Feature To Be As Flexible As Possible:

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In addition to Simplifya’s regulatory audit questions, you can also create your own audit questions and incorporate them into your Simplifya audits.


You can “mute” questions that apply to your license type, but may not apply to your business.


You can reorder the questions on your audit to fit your process. You can assign a risk level to audit questions to highlight more important compliance


If you’ve muted audit questions, reordered them, and/or added risk levels to them, you can save your audit as a template to use later so you’re not having to repeat the process each time you perform an audit.


Our iOS app allows you to easily audit your facility without being stuck behind a desk or lugging around a laptop.


Regularly scheduled self-audits can keep your license in good standing and could save you thousands in fines or penalties. Let our regulatory experts start doing the heavy lifting for your compliance team today.

We Make Staying On Top Of Your Operational Compliance Easy.

Let Simplifya ease the worry of cannabis compliance, and help you protect your license.