Release Notes

Release 1.62.0
Release 1.62.0 November 26, 2019 Lots of work on an upcoming feature, and a new feature that lets users who Read more.
Release 1.61.0
Release 1.61.0 November 11, 2019 This release introduces SOP attestation to Simplifya! We’ve had a lot of requests for this Read more.
Release 1.60.0
Release 1.60.0 October 29, 2019 A small update while we work on a larger, upcoming feature. Fixed some issues with Read more.
Release 1.58.0
Release 1.58.0 October 2, 2019 Another relatively lite release while we work on some larger features. We’ve added due dates Read more.
Release 1.57.0
Release 1.57.0 September 20, 2019  A small release while we work on new, larger features. You can now, once again Read more.
Release 1.59.0
Release 1.59.0 August 25, 2019 Another smaller feature release as we continue to work on a larger upcoming feature. However, Read more.
Release 1.55.0
Release 1.55.0 August 19, 2019 Our last update before releasing our new Dashboard! This release is mostly small changes to Read more.
Release 1.54.0
Release 1.54.0 August 6, 2019 Another release full of changes for an upcoming feature, but that also contains two long Read more.
Release 1.53.1
Release 1.53.1 July 23, 2019 Miscellaneous Hot Fixes Read more.