January 2024 Software Release Notes

Hey, there! We’ve had a busy few months and pushed a lot of our new features to the live site this month. Here’s a rundown of the updates/changes we’ve made to the software in January 2024:

  1. SOPs: Real-time email notifications when SOPs are assigned
    Now when you’re assigned an SOP, you’ll receive a real-time email notification with more details about the assignment and instructions on how to complete it.
  2. SOPs: “% Completed” column added to SOP Assignments table
    You asked for it, you got it. We removed the “Progress” column from the SOP Assignments table when we released the new version of the SOPs module last April. Turns out, many of you were using that, so we added it back. This time, the column is called “% Completed” and it will show you the percentage of tasks completed out of the total number of tasks on the assignment.
  3. Email Notification when we’ve updated content in your state
    Another “you asked for it, you got it.” Many of our users have requested some sort of notification when we update our content that affects them – whether that’s audit content, SOP templates, or Smart Cabinet documents. So we built it! Now when we update content, we make a dashboard post that will appear on your newsfeed (we’ve always done that) and that will also send an email to all Managers and Administrators of locations in the impacted state. If you don’t want these notifications, you can always go to our profile page and turn them off.
  4. Audits: updates to Action Item assignments
    We made a few changes to the Action Items feature to make Action Item assignments more consistent with other assignment types:

    • Now all Action Item assignments require a due date.
    • When an Action Item is assigned (or re-assigned), the assignee will receive a real-time email notification with details about the assignment and instructions on how to complete it.
  5. Audits: Changes to “Save Audit as Template” feature
    In an effort to make creating an audit template as easy as possible, we’ve added a pop-up modal that appears when you’re finalizing an audit and you’ve made changes to any of the questions on your audit (muted them, added risk, reordered them). This modal will only appear if you’ve made changes to your audit.
  6. Smart Cabinet: Design changes to make it easier to use
    Basically, we rearranged some things to make it easier to use Smart Cabinet. Previously, a lot of our functionality in Smart Cabinet was hidden in menus that were sometimes literally offscreen. We knew we could do this better, so we went ahead and made some design changes and also changed the process of creating a Document assignment so that it’s more consistent with other assignment types.

    1. We moved much of the functionality that was hidden in the ellipses menu in the left-nav to the main screen in the center. Now you don’t have to go digging to make changes to your Documents or create an upload assignment!
    2. We added tabs to a Document page so you can easily see details about the files uploaded to the Document, and the assignments created for the Document.
    3. when creating an upload assignment for a Document:
      • we now require an assignee (or assignees) that get assigned to all instances of the assignment. Each instance can be re-assigned to a different user, but to start, all instances are assigned to someone. Previously, you created the assignment and then had to manually add an assignee (only one) to each instance. This way, someone is immediately accountable for all uploads for the assignment.
      • The process of creating the assignment is now consistent with how you create an SOP assignment. It just made sense to make these processes the same.
      • All upload assignments are required to have an end date. Previously, assignments went on in perpetuity. Requiring an end date on an assignment allows you to make changes to your assignments. For example, let’s say you accidentally created an assignment for “weekly” uploads, but later realized it only needs to be monthly. You can now end the assignment and create a new one for monthly uploads.
      • We’ve added a “one-time” upload option. Sometimes you just don’t need a recurring assignment!
      • Assignee(s) are now required to click a “Complete” button after uploading files for the assignment. Previously, the assignment was marked as “complete” once a single file had been uploaded, but we heard that sometimes an assignment actually requires more than 1 file to be uploaded for it to actually be complete. We removed that “1 file” validation and added a “Complete Assignment” button. This also makes it consistent with SOP assignments.
      • A real-time email notification fires to the assignee(s) that includes details about the assignment and instructions on how to complete it.

Check back here as we update this page with more releases!

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