March 2024 Software Release Notes

Here’s a rundown of the updates/changes we’ve made to the software in March 2024:

  1. New Email Notification: “Assignments Not Completed”
    This is another request we’ve heard from users: “I want to be notified if something I’ve assigned hasn’t been completed.” We’ve added a new email notification type to your profile pages: “Assignments Not Completed.” This is a “daily digest”-style email that will fire to the assignment creator the day after an assignment is due, but hasn’t been completed. If there are multiple incomplete assignments, they’ll all appear in 1 email that fires to the assignment creator the day after the due date.
  2. Update to the “Simplifya Assignment Notifications” Email Notification
    We’ve retired the “daily digest”-style email for this email notification. Now that we send individual, real-time email notifications for every type of assignment, there’s just no need for it. Instead, we’ve tied all of those individual, real-time emails to this “Simplifya Assignment Notifications” email notification. The default setting for new users is for it to be turned on, and we highly recommend keeping it on so you don’t miss an assignment.

Check back here as we update this page with more releases!

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