Cannabis Compliance For Consultants/Lawyers

Keep Your Clients in Good Standing

As a compliance consultant in the cannabis industry, you’re tasked with many important roles to keep your clients’ businesses running smoothly. Keeping up with the changing landscape of regulatory compliance is truly a full-time job. When you choose Simplifya, you can focus on the rest of the business and know that compliance is handled. It’s all we do.

We’ve built products that allow consultants to stay on top of compliance, proactively maintain good standing and most importantly, mitigate potential risk. Simplifya’s team of regulatory analysts review every piece of regulation in more than 28 states. Our Self Audit consists of a series of easy-to-understand audit questions directly tied to the regulations, making it easier to identify potential compliance issues. Our software provides automatic updates when laws change which frequently happens in new markets. Simplifya delivers the ability to automate, customize, track, and manage actions to avoid potential risks. When a threat is found, our software helps to create a path toward remediation.

Take advantage of the Simplifya system, save time and money by using Simplifya to conduct audits, run reports, and maintain control of your clients’ engagements for a fraction of the cost. Let us worry about compliance, and you can worry about nurturing your business and running an efficient and profitable practice.

Our dedicated team of cannabis regulatory analysts converts state regulations into a seamless checklist tailored to your client’s business. You get peace of mind knowing that you’ve covered all the bases with regard to operational compliance, and your client is protected when they get a visit from the regulatory agency. Regularly scheduled audits can keep your client’s licenses in good standing and could save thousands in fines or penalties.

Our license-specific Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) template packages provide regulation-based templates to jump-start the license application or renewal process and help establish best practices in order to maintain operational compliance. By purchasing access to our SOP Templates library, you can save the templates your clients need and edit them to fit their business.

We’ve made a list of all the documents the state requires your client to have on file. Smart Cabinet allows you to easily store all of the required documents in a single, organized location. You can also set up reminders for future uploads, manage user access for each document, and access these documents anywhere you have an internet connection.

If it has an expiration or renewal date, License Tracker has you covered. Easily track, manage, and store all relevant documentation for your clients’ licenses. From state-issued licenses all the way down to fire extinguishers, License Tracker makes sure you never miss a renewal.