November 2023 Software Release Notes

Hey, it’s been awhile! We’ve been working hard on building a brand new product, so in the meantime we haven’t had many updates to Simplifya Protect (well, at least any that are worth mentioning here).

Here’s a rundown of the updates/changes we’ve made to the software in November 2023:

  1. Audits: “Share Audit Report” option added
    We added a “Share Audit Report” feature to your finalized audits to make it as easy as possible to send an audit report to someone via email. When clicked, a modal will open where you can enter an email address to send the report. The modal will also show email addresses that have previously received audit reports from you, just so you have the history of who has access.

  2. Audits: Changes to “Add Risk” feature
    We made a few small tweaks to the “Add Risk” feature in your audits:

    1. We’ve removed the “Medium” risk level. Now you can raise the risk level of a question (“High risk”) or lower it (“Low risk”).
    2. Now you can add a risk level to questions while your audit is in the Review stage.
    3. Questions marked as “High Risk” will have a red outline around them on your audit reports to draw attention to them.

Check back here as we update this page with more releases!

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