June 2023 Software Release Notes

Here’s a rundown of the updates/changes we’ve made to the software in June 2023:

  1. SOPs: “Last Revised” date automatically updates when saving an SOP template to your SOPs
    Users have reported that it’s not easy to locate the SOP templates they just saved in their SOPs module. We’ve now made it so that when you save an SOP template to your SOPs, or you create a brand new SOP, the “Last Revised” date is updated to today’s date. Now you can sort by the “Last Revised” column on your SOPs table to easily find the most recently saved SOP template or most recently created SOP.

  2. Settings: “Location Groups” feature added
    We’ve added a feature that allows you to group locations in your Settings module. The main driver behind this feature was our MSO clients, who have a lot of locations on their account. Adding/removing users has become a very tedious task, as they have to add/remove each location to or from a user. Now, it’s as simple as creating your location groups and then adding or removing a group to a user. Location Groups can be any size and can be grouped any way you want (ex. “All Colorado Locations”, “Cultivations”, “Colorado Cultivations”, etc.).

    • Sample use case:
      ABC Holdings has 50 locations in CO, 100 locations in CA, and 30 locations in FL. Previously, if ABC Holdings wanted to add a user to all of their CA locations and all of their CO locations, they would have had to select 150 locations for this particular user. Now, ABC Holdings can just create 2 location groups: 1 for CA locations and 1 for CO locations (or even just 1 group: “CA and CO Locations”!). Then when adding the user, all they have to do is add the user to both groups. That’s it! As the location groups change, the user’s location access will update as well. Maybe ABC Holdings drops 25 locations in CA. Once those locations are removed from the CA Location Group, access to those locations is automatically updated for all users tied to the CA Location Group.You can manage your Location Groups by clicking the ellipses icon in the top right of the “Locations” tab in your Settings module.

Check back here as we update this page with more releases!

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