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Our CEO Marion Mariathasan was invited to talk in the Cannabinoid Connect podcast.

Thinking about regulations is the least sexy part of the cannabis industry. But it's necessary for cannabis businesses to use compliance tools to stay one step ahead of regulators. Marion Mariathasan discussed the repercussions and how easy and cost-effective it is with tools like Simplifya.

There is no doubt that 2023 has been a bumpy start for many in the cannabis sector. A bear market is obliterating company valuations. Federal reforms are moving at a glacially slow pace. Inflation continues to choke the equity markets. And to top it off, the plant is still federally illegal, making these collective challenges more than trying. Read this article written by Marion Mariathasan.

Simplifya has teamed up with insurance carriers and brokers servicing the cannabis sector to launch the Risk Mitigation Alliance (“RMA”), a first-of-its-kind offering designed to help cannabis businesses more affordably manage their compliance needs and protect their licenses.

Between cultivation, the manufacturing of edibles and other products, and retail responsibilities, cannabis companies from all corners of the industry have a lot on their plate. Luckily, companies like Simplifya can help safeguard cannabis entrepreneurs from regulatory penalties.

Simplifya, the leading regulatory and operational compliance software platform serving the cannabis industry, announced the availability of the Simplifya Market Guide for financial institutions working with Shield Compliance.

With the SAFE Banking Act failing to pass this past December, federal reforms nowhere on the horizon, inflationary pressures surging, a bear market decimating valuations, equity markets all but shutdown, and thriving illicit markets in many states – it turns out that the cannabis industry may not be recession-proof after all. Read the rest of the article written by Katrina Skinner.

Marion Mariathasan had the pleasure to chat with Elliot Lane. Marion was live with Benzinga and their Cannabis Insider series to talk about how Simplifya can elevate the compliance of cannabis businesses.

Cannabis legalization efforts could make continued progress in 2023, with lawmakers in at least a half-dozen states likely to consider bills to end the prohibition of marijuana. Our regulatory analysts Justin Bedford and Snowden Stieber commented for Cannabis Now.