Your Cannabis Compliance Solution

Your Cannabis
Compliance Solution

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Conduct self-audits tailored specifically to your business to easily identify and remediate areas of non-compliance.

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Easily update and track all versions of your SOPs or purchase Simplifya’s SOP templates, drafted in accordance with state requirements.

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Smart Cabinet

Know which documents your business is required to have on file and store them all in a single, organized location.

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License Tracker

Get reminders for anything that requires a renewal and store all relevant documentation in a single location, from your state license to your fire extinguisher.

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Simplifya provides easy-to-use tools to help proactively ensure business compliance in order to protect your license, company and investment.

Whether you’re a licensed operator or a third-party service provider, Simplifya helps to schedule, assign and track the myriad of tasks required to manage and maintain compliance. Our suite of products take the guesswork out of the confusing and continually changing regulations. Our leading best practices and easy-to-navigate technology platform saves you headaches, time and the difficulty of wading through countless pages of regulations, so you can focus on what’s important to you: running your cannabis business.


Using Simplifya saves you time and peace of mind.

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Simplifya is currently helping licensed operators in the following states.

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Tri-State Cannabis Market – Growth and Related Regulatory Hurdles

California has received more than its fair share of attention from cannabis industry participants since launching its adult-use program in 2018. However, as California licensed operators struggle to operate in the state’s heavily regulated market that imposes crippling taxes while competing against illicit operators, industry insiders are starting to focus their sights on the tri-state [...]

2022 Simplifya Cannabis Outlook

Working in the cannabis industry sometimes feels like a blur. It seems like just yesterday that states like Colorado and Washington voted to legalize recreational cannabis. Almost ten years later, the U.S. has a maturing nationwide cannabis industry that is experiencing consolidation in certain markets through mergers and acquisitions. This activity has created multi-state operators [...]

The Value of Proactive Cannabis Compliance

Compliance is one of the biggest deterrents to entry into the marijuana industry. For most, it is costly, cumbersome, and confusing. It is also non-negotiable. Medical marijuana is legal in 34 states and the District of Columbia, with legalization under consideration in a handful of other states. Many states have also authorized recreational use. All […]

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