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Simplifya announced their launch in Vermont this week, expanding the company’s footprint to 26 states.

Green Market Report recently asked some leaders in the cannabis industry, including Brooke Butler, how they felt about the market in general despite the market pessimism.

As part of their ongoing series covering some of the biggest challenges facing the California cannabis market in 2022, Brooke Butler was interviewed by the Green Market Report.

Katrina Skinner, Simplifya's General Counsel and Chief Banking Officer, was interviewed by Green Market Report as part of their series for women's month.

Simplifya announced their launch in Connecticut this week, expanding the company’s footprint to 25 states.

In their inaugural Winter 2022 edition, Global Cannabis Times' Magazine interviewed Simplifya's CEO, Marion Mariathasan, who told about the path he took to arrive at a cannabis career.

As part of their series, How to Do the Pot shares stories of women buying weed for the first time. Their latest episode features Brooke Butler, VP of Partnerships at Simplifya. Brooke tells about her first dispensary experience at Maggie’s Farm in Pueblo, Colorado.

Denver-based Simplifya announced that its suite of compliance solutions is available in New Mexico ahead of the adult-use sales launch.

What is RegTech, and how can it help your cannabis business in 2022? Cannabis is still federally illegal, and given the complexity of regulations and the ramifications of non-compliance, many ancillary entities have been reluctant to work within the industry. It's difficult for these entities to know how to jump in and do so compliantly.