An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Chances are you decided to get into the cannabis industry because you are passionate about cannabis. Not because you’re passionate about compliance and rules and regulations.

At Simplifya, we are passionate about compliance. And, we know that while cannabis compliance is critical to success, it can also feel like an endless stream of headaches and worrying about potential fines. That’s why we created the Self Audit. It’s our way of helping to simplify your company’s cannabis compliance efforts, so you can spend more time on what you’re really passionate about: your cannabis business.

Simplifya’s compliance software helps operators protect their licenses and business from operational and regulatory compliance risks.

Our team of lawyers and regulatory analysts review state regulations to create a checklist of simple “Yes” or “No” questions to help you determine if you’re operating in compliance with all of the rules related to your license type. If the Self Audit finds an area where you’re not in compliance, you can create an action to fix the issue, assign it to an employee, track the task to completion and store the corrected results in a Remediation Report for future use or reference. It’s that simple.

We make staying on top of your operational compliance easy.

Let Simplifya ease the worry of cannabis compliance, and help you protect your license.

See how Simplifya will transform your compliance monitoring process.

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