Automated SOPs make compliance a breeze

Good news, everyone! Simplifya now offers templates for state-required Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in California! Not only that, we offer a variety of additional SOPs that cover best practices for many different license types.

Simplifya SOPs

You may be wondering, “Why do I need SOPs from Simplifya if I already have my own?” Simply put, ours will provide you with peace of mind. Here at Simplifya, SOP doesn’t just stand for “Standard Operating Procedure” — it stands for “Supreme. Operational. Productivity.” Traditional SOPs are static documents, but our SOPs are living, evolving documents. You can automate the assigning, tracking, and versioning of your SOPs.

All Simplifya accounts, including our trial accounts, include free SOP templates designed to help you ace regulatory audits! When enforcement arrives, you’ll be ready. Additionally, manufacturers, cultivators, retailers, and distributors can opt into our Pro package and gain access to SOPs covering a wealth of topics, from inventory and transport to quality control and security.

This means you can assign tasks to employees and track when they complete them, providing detailed oversight of your operations. You can automate SOPs by creating daily, weekly, and monthly assignments. You can choose specific days of the week or specific dates of the month, allowing you to match your SOPs to your routine.

Simplifya’s automated SOP feature brings the big picture of your operations to life, and this means bigger rewards for you. Keep employees accountable and increase efficiency by viewing your entire history of work assignments in one simple interface. Filter by user, SOP name, and location. With the ability to focus on any given attribute, you can raise the bar for every aspect of your operation.


You can also add an “effective date” to your SOPs, which is useful for putting new procedures into effect or aligning the assignment of tasks to fit with the release of new local regulations. Simplifya also offers you peace of mind by updating the SOP templates to comply with any changes to state regulations.

It’s easy to make a carbon copy of one of your existing SOPs and edit it, for example, to conform seamlessly with new local regulations. You can create new versions of your templates while keeping a record of previous ones. If you make an update, the previous SOP is saved as the original and your updated SOP is a new version. The previous version is never overwritten, so you never lose documentation of old procedures. Plus, you can keep all of your SOPs, new and old, organized in one easily accessible location.

Simplifya also gives you the ability to add regulatory citations to any section or task within an SOP. This gives your employees the full context behind the tasks they are completing. It also means anyone updating procedures can do it faster when local regulations change.

Enjoy all of these perks and more when you sign up for Simplifya’s Pro package today, or you can always schedule a demo with us to see it in action!

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