How to prepare for an inspection

The Cannabis Business Times recently published an interesting article with tips on how to prepare for a regulatory inspection. The tips come from Rino Ferrarese, Chief Operating Officer of Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions, and serve as a reminder that at some point your products or your business will be inspected – and the consequences of not passing can be dire. We encourage you to read the full article, but here is his short list of suggestions:

Preparation Tips

  1. Adopt an established compliance system
  2. Document it, or it didn’t happen
  3. Self-audit your facility
  4. Don’t blindside your banker
  5. Have the documentation to support your label claims

Audit Your Business Yourself

Tip number three supports the advice we’ve been giving since our company was founded:

The best way to prepare for an audit is to do one yourself!

Ferrarese points out that you can use your internal audit as a roadmap for an external audit. It positions you to guide an auditor through the facility and demonstrate your compliance. It’s always good to show that you know how to prepare for an audit.

“When an inspector arrives, we immediately assume they know where all the critical issues can be found and that they have a sixth sense, when really, they’re probably just trying to get a grasp of you and your operation,” Ferrarese says. “This is an appropriate time to demonstrate examples of compliance and your company’s commitment to good manufacturing practices through self-audits.”

Simplifya’s Auditing Feature

Use our web and mobile apps to do self-audits on your own time, break them into manageable chunks, assign tasks to fix areas of concern, and create PDF reports to track your progress. The key is that you can do it all before an auditor shows up.

Success in the cannabis industry is a matter of compliance. We are here to help you succeed. Schedule a demo today!

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