7 new Simplifya features you might have missed

We pride ourselves on moving fast here at Simplifya, and sometimes we move so fast it becomes easy to miss a new bit of functionality here, a new and improved interface there. That’s why we’re circling back to make sure you saw some of the biggest new Simplifya features and improvements from the first half of 2018.

1. Reference documents on SOPs

Users have long been able to snap a photo while conducting an SOP, giving an extra piece of documentation from their assignment. But now Managers and Administrators can choose to add multiple documents to an SOP while creating it. In other words, you can give assignees fail-safe references and examples for how to properly conduct an SOP.

New Simplifya features (add documents to SOPs)

2. Document permissions by group

The ability to assign document permissions on a per-user basis offers a lot of flexibility with who can (or can’t) see your documents. But it also required some extra leg work to give people access to the things they need.

Avoid some administrative headaches by assigning document permissions at the group level. With one click, you can now give all Managers “read” access to a document (or “download” or “delete”), and you can do the same for everyone at your company.

New Simplifya features (document permissions by group)

3. “Complete Now”

To meet the needs of users completing SOPs on an ad-hoc basis, we’ve added a “Complete Now” button. This gives any user at your company the power to conduct an SOP without a Manager or Administrator having to assign it.

New Simplifya features (complete now button)

4. Advanced document filtering

We’ve introduced a set of “Advanced Filters” when viewing your Smart Cabinet documents. Now, companies who have Smart Cabinet turned on can also filter by only documents that have a specific Document Type. Likewise, you can filter by the locations or licenses that a document has been tagged with.

New Simplifya features (advanced document filters)

5. SOP Assignment History

As a Manager reviewing an SOP assignment, check out the assignment history for that SOP. The system logs and timestamps all checked (and unchecked) tasks, as well as the times an SOP assignment has been opened and closed. Better yet, Managers can review the history of any SOP assigned at one of their locations.

New Simplifya features (SOP assignment history)

6. Copy SOP assignees

A core function of Simplifya’s SOPs module is the ability to version your SOPs whenever the regulations change. Now, when creating a new version, you won’t have to worry about the tedious task of re-assigning employees to that SOP. By selecting “Copy assigned users”, any user assigned to the previous version of your SOP will be copied over to the new version (as long as their assignment ends after the new version’s “Effective Date”).

New Simplifya features (copy SOP assignees)

7. Delete audits

Lastly, we’ve made it possible for the Administrator to completely delete an audit from the company account. Regardless of whether the audit has been completed or not, there’s an easy way to keep your list of audits looking clean, and most importantly, accurate.

New Simplifya features (delete audits)

Check back in soon for the next batch of new Simplifya features.

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